EDF smart meter - how to read gas meter

Just joined Bulb from EDF. The latter installed smart meters recently. Can see the electric meter and have sent reading…but gas smart meter (outside house) has nothing in the display LCD. There are a couple of triangular buttons but I’m loath to touch these. I have no instructions so have no idea how to pass you a reading. Can you help?

Hi @MikeB Give this guide a go:

Link: https://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/24/how-do-i-read-my-meter-and-submit-a-reading/p1

If the meter doesn’t appear here, just send over some pictures to help@bulb.co.uk and we can assist from there.


No that doesn’t help - looked already. I’ve attached a photo.
I thought EDF would have passed you my gas reading by now and settled (I’m £300 in credit and they’ve inexplicably taken another DD payment). I’ve had a final bill for electricity but not for gas…maybe this is the reason they haven’t settled.
do Bulb have direct email support? Or can I be emailed when there is a response on the community?

Hi @MikeB, based on the manual for that meter, I guess you should just press the top orange button to get up the meter reading but it’s not super clear.

Nothing of concern should happen whatever buttons you press though.

Regarding your meter reading when you switch suppliers, you need to supply this to your new supplier who passes it along to your old supplier.
I don’t believe this can happen the other way around.

It’s a shame that EDF have not been more helpful regarding how to read your meter as until your switch date, they are still responsible for you as a customer and should have been able to answer your questions regarding how to read the meter manually.
They do however have a page on getting information from the in home display though so you can perhaps get your latest meter reading that way way too.

do Bulb have direct email support?
As @"Rob at Bulb" mentioned, Bulb do have email support (help@bulb.co.uk).
Or can I be emailed when there is a response on the community?
By default I thought the community forums emailed you when someone commented on your thread or mentioned you by name but you can change your preferences here if that's not the case for you.

You can also talk to Bulb via web chat (bottom right of this page) or phone (0300 30 30 635) between 09:00 and 18:00.

Thanks for the swift response. I should manage to get a reading from this. I haven’t approached EDF directly - just their website…just wanted to avoid a lengthy wait for a response.

I haven't approached EDF directly - just their website....just wanted to avoid a lengthy wait for a response.
You'll start to forget what that was like once you've been with Bulb a while...

I hope you have some success with getting a reading.

Can’t understand why EDF don’t settle my bill - maybe they don’t trust the readings from their own smart meters…

Can't understand why EDF don't settle my bill - maybe they don't trust the readings from their own smart meters....
I believe it's a procedure thing and they don't have much of a say about it.

They could otherwise provide Bulb with a switchover reading that’s not correct and that’s beneficial to them.
The process as it is, as the readings go via a third party for confirmation, there’s little chance of anything like this happening.

Ta. Will do the best I can to provide something as accurate as possible.

I’ve got a final reading for my gas supply but can’t submit it - was for 3/12/17. Can you let me know how I submit?

Hi @MikeB, if you don’t get an early response from Bulb here I’d just give them a ring on 0300 30 30 635 to submit this reading.

The team is super nice to talk to on the phone :smile:

Great. Will do that.

@MikeB sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We don’t have a gas reading from you yet? Please reply to this thread with the reading so I can submit it for you, or give us a call on 0300 30 30 635. Cheers, Owen.

Best I can get is 370 for 3/12/17

Hi Mike, thanks for the reading, unfortunately we already have an estimate for your supply start date which was created in the absence of a member reading. Not to worry as 370 is within tolerance for the estimate so all we need is a more recent reading. Thanks, James.