EDF smart meter switch to Bulb

I want to switch to Bulb. My current energy supplier EDF has fitted me with a smart meter. I want to switch to Bulb but I’m not sure whether I can, as Bulb don’t fit smart meters themselves yet. Can Bulb still supply a house with a smart meter? Does it depend on the generation of the smart meter? Thanks

You can still switch even if you have a smart meter from another company, it will however turn into a “dumb meter” because it will probably be a generation 1 smart meter which don’t allow the smart functionality to move with suppliers.

Bulb are doing a smart meter middle of next year with trials starting before that which people can join. This will be a generation 2 one that allows switching between suppliers and still keeping the full functionality.

In short there would be no problem switching if you can deal with doing manual meter readings and then get the meter changed when bulb start doing theirs. There is talk of the 1st generation smart meters eventually being made compatible with all suppliers but it would be quicker to just change to the bulb ones when they start the rollout.

Hope that makes sense!

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Hi @bns92 - you can still switch to Bulb with a smart meter, no problem!

For now, we are not able to remotely read your smart meter like your current supplier. You’d need to read the meter manually and submit the readings in our online portal. This is because the smart meter you have installed is first generation and unfortunately each different make of first generation meter requires a different piece of software to communicate with it.

The good news is that second generation meters are not far off and will communicate through a central system (getting rid of the need for lots of software!).

Ofgem have plans to make first generation smart meters compatible with the central system, but this functionality won’t be available until late 2018. At Bulb, we’ve made the decision to wait and only install second generation meters for our members so they can be confident that if they choose to switch to another supplier their smart meter will still work.

Not sure about EDF but switched over from SSE gen 1 meter which went active today.

On the plus side, my existing meter is still logging consumption and kwh for gas and leccy. Its also giving me a red amber green signal based on real time consumption. For meter readings, rather then go inside my stairs cupboard with a torch to find readings on the now digital display, I can conveniently read it from the smart meter console.

On the negative side, the tariff has been erased and so I don’t get a pounds and pence reading of consumption. However, the way I can mitigate this is knowing that my tariff is costing 12.5p per kwh for leccy and 2.5p per kwh for gas, so basic math should I be bothered. Also I don’t believe any of my consumption is going to be available from the SSE website so all I have is the daily tracking

One more plus side, I am saving almost £300 per annum with bulb!

would give you my referral link but still waiting for bulb to issue me one

@daryah you might find that your smart meter console stops working at some point, when the smart meter itself stops sending out your readings wirelessly. We’d recommend for accuracy that you do get your readings from your meters in the cupboard (it’s a pain having to go on the hunt with a torch, we know!).

You’ll receive a monthly update with your consumption from us- we realise that’s not quite as good as real-time updates, but we’re working on it…!

Talked to SSE and they confirmed that the meter readings may become inaccurate from the monitor over time. They also said the firmware upgrade from first generation to second generation could occur with yourselves and i would not need to switch back to them to get the upgrade.

@daryah We are looking into this and will be in touch if we can upgrade this when we start installing the 2nd gen smart meters.