Edf smart meter

I have just switched to bulb but edf called before the switch was completed and offered a smart meter saying bulb can use it as well.
They will install it this week but is there anything I need to tell them to enable it for bulb?

Hi @Antuk,

All meters can be ‘used’ by another provider - but it’s more likely or not that the EDF meter will become a ‘dumb meter’ when switched over to any other supplier. The meter itself will continue recording usage etc, but any ‘in home display’ will most likely stop working and you’ll have to make ‘manual reads’. There’s a (small) chance EDF is now installing the new ‘SMETS2’ meters which are multi-supplier compatible, but Bulb is still in the final stages of testing/integration of SMETS2 meters so it’s likely to be a couple of months wait before it’ll be ‘smart again’.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with changing the meter now (especially if it’s a ‘SMETS1’ style meter which might be able to be made - with a firmware update - ‘smart’ with other providers) and just wait until Bulb’s SMETS2 smart meters are rolled out in December/the new year.