Eemergency credit help meter type secure number pad

Hello everyone I’m hoping someone can help me please.

I have the secure metre with the number pad and the image is how much credit I have left on my my phone when I check I’ve been out to the metre and it said when I press number 7 emergency credit so I pressed a to accept and then be when I press number 7 now it says emergency credit accepted.

But on the app it’s still shows this I’m terrified of running out I get paid on Wednesday and I think I have covid or flu or something.

I’m too scared to put the heating on anyway but I don’t think I could cope if the electricity went off I’m on the vulnerable person register with bulb anyway but it’s happened at the weekend of all times and I’m terrified I’ll go onto friendly credit and then Monday morning they will cut me off off and I’ve had it then till Wednesday.

Can anyone advise please

If I press the button now it says e-credit selected then 10.00 and then an option that flashes up is repay
However it then says using friendly credit or f credit so what’s going to happen I’m so confused sorry if I’m being a stupid head

I can’t post a link but Google ‘Bulb emergency help’ or check out the Help pages on the Bulb website.

There’s a number you can call and details about the emergency email address.

I did finally manage to get the emergency credit added.