Effect of pandemic on energy companies

Just thinking today - with all the home working and self-isolation, energy companies are going to see their income going up.
But then, with cafes, restaurants, cinemas and basically the whole of the leisure industry closed down, maybe it’ll actually go down. :thinking:


Maybe it’ll balance out. Look at it this way, if you’re not at work the power’s off but at home you have power on. Or, kids not at school and the powers off yet when they’re at home everything’s switched on! And what about travelling on electric trains and cars? That’s been reduced through government advice! I’m concerned more about the internet dropping out. Let’s hope we can get back to ‘normal’ soon. Best wishes to everyone in these troubling times.


BT seem confident that it won’t, and that the network has plenty of headroom.

Yet streaming services are cutting bandwidth.

Seems British Gas’s revenues are going down.

The company also expects to sell less energy overall as a result of the pandemic, as increased demand from its seven million household customers working at home will not offset the reduction in demand from businesses.

Whether Bulb is in the same position depends, one assumes, on the residential/business balance.

Depends on each supplier and their hedging activity. For example if a supplier has a large SME and industrial/commercial component in their customer portfolio they will likely suffer from cashflow issues due to reduced demand from the sector, non payment of bills, and potential imbalance costs as the system operator will need to take the energy off the system. Domestic demand will likely increase as so suppliers can use the energy purchased for commercial use to offset this.

Wholesale energy prices for summer this year were also at a 13 year low, so hopefully that will be reflected in our bills soon, I don’t know what bulbs hedging strategy is, so it may never show.

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