Elec gas bill in Kwh

Is it possible to see the Gas and Electic usage in kWh? Having just had some new insulation installed and changed supplier (to Bulb!) I’d like to compare my usage to previous.

If Kwh is not possible can we see hoe the monthly bill is split between gas and electric usage - then I could do the math to work out the kWhs from the tariff.

Your monthly bill should have detailed breakdowns for total usage in kWh.

Mine does

Your monthly bill does have detailed breakdowns for total usage in kWh.

My question is where can I find Annual kWh’s?

The graph showing monthly consumption is shown in £’s - can you add a button to toggle between £’s and kWh? I don’t mind adding up 2 lots of 12 numbers.

If not I have to download 12 bills, extract manually and then add them up


Depending on how long you’ve been with bulb, your annual estimated usage should be on there.

I use those estimates as they seem fairly accurate

If you subtract the start reading in month 1 from the end reading in month 12, that will be your annual consumption.

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This… You can see all historical readings you have submitted in your dashboard.