Elec meter readings don't seem to be sent

My IHD is working and showing my usage.
In the iOS Bulb app I have the Reading Frequency (for elec) set to Every half hour (as recommended in the app), it’s been set this way for over a month.
When I look at the Usage tab in the app, it shows the last elec reading being 14th Aug (type Smart) and nothing since.
The app states I should get a chart showing my usage but I don’t see it, I guess it’s because there’s no data since 14th Aug.
Why isn’t my meter sending readings to Bulb?
Do I still have to do this manually?


Hi @rob.kelley,

Despite your Bulb account showing you are on half-hourly meter reads, I don’t think this has translated to your smart meter which is likely still set to send readings every month.

Do you have a Secure SMETS1 smart meter? Don’t worry if you’re not sure, but we have occasionally seen this happen with these meters. It is really easy for us to fix, so I am going to drop you an email so I can access your account. - Sam

I don’t know the model but the meter was fitted last month (12th Aug)

I have replied to your email and the next thing I got was a survey on how well this issue has been dealt with… it’s hasn’t been dealt with, still an issue, not yet fixed.

Hi @rob.kelley We’ve received electricity readings from your meter again this month, but unfortunately the engineer was unable to connect your gas meter to the smart network, so you’ll need to submit gas readings manually until we can connect your gas meter remotely. There’s a link on how to read your meter [here].(https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001232832-How-do-I-read-my-meter-)

Regarding the usage not showing, I think this may be to do with a system error. I’ve fixed the error so there’ll be an updated statement in your account with 24 hours. Please could you let us know tomorrow in the email thread if the usage data now shows in your app?

still no graph… and still only sending elect readings once a month, so nothing has changed.