Electric boilers

Our gas combi boiler is reaching the end of its ‘life’. In an attempt to move to greener/cleaner energy is moving to an electric boiler feasible? I appreciate gas is much cheaper at the moment but I’m trying to think long term. We live in a 4 bed detached. Does anyone have any experience of moving from gas to electric? Thanks.

Just don’t do it! If you already have the fittings in place for Gas, then why multiply your heating bill by at least four times.
If you have any Eco Guilt, then donate to a tree planting scheme.

I agree with PaulMC12345

Simply going for an electric boiler is likely to be massively expensive, as Paul said.

To make de-gassing your property a realistic proposition, as I understand it you need:

  • Solar panels to make as much of your own electric as possible.
  • Energy storage, either in the form of a normal battery or a heat battery.
  • An air source heat pump (or ground source if you have the room) with sufficiently oversized radiators to cope with a low flow temperature. Or convert to underfloor heating if you're renovating.
  • A massively insulated property to cope with as little heating as possible.

It’s a nice idea and one I’d like to attempt myself, but I think it’s only doable as part of a large renovation project.

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