Electric car charge point

I have just ordered a Renault Zoe electric car. I now need to arrange for a charge point in the garage. I am still investigating but I understand it is 7KW charger, Type 2 to Type 2 cable.

Do bulb have recommendations?

I’m not sure bulb do per se. But @Hooloovoo I believe has gone round this buoy

Bulb don’t currently recommend anything, and it wouldn’t make any difference if they did. They are, however, trialling a smart charge system.

Personally, I’d go with a PodPoint. Mine has been absolutely fine since it was installed. Renault appear to be partnering with Chargemaster to provide you with a wallbox for free, so that’s likely the best option for you. Surely they talked to you about getting the free wallbox when placing your order?

If I was buying the car Renault would pass details on to Chargemaster and installation would be arranged, but I am leasing the car which for some reason then means Renault/the dealer has no part to play in the process. I am also concerned that I won’t have proper leasing agreement paperwork to show I might be entitled to a grant until the car is in the UK so I might have no way to charge the car at home for 2 or 3 weeks.

It will probably all work out OK, I have a couple of months to sort it, but I can’t see the reason for complicating things this way.

Your lease/order form should be enough to claim the OLEV grant for EVSE installation in advance of the car being delivered.

I’d be surprised if the Renault contribution to EVSE installation doesn’t count for leased vehicles. It is with the Nissan Leaf, or at least it certainly used to be. Just because you’re not going through a dealer shouldn’t prevent you getting it. Might be worthwhile checking this in a bit more detail.

Thanks for your comments.

The vehicle leasing will qualify but there’s the suggestion that I won’t have the paperwork for it until I am taking delivery.

You should still have an order form of some sort? You surely have something that says you’ve signed up to the order/lease subject to delivery.

True, and I am not too worried about that, I am sure something can be sorted. I had, sort of, hoped that it would all be taken care of and all I would have to do was open the garage for it to be installed. The car was only ordered yesterday so I am still in the early days of getting my head round it all. :slight_smile:

There’s a lot to learn, that’s for sure. Just shout if you have any questions.

Are you sure the existing supply to your garage is sufficient for a car charger? If it’s an outbuilding you’ll almost certainly find that it needs a bigger cable supply, which can get expensive if the cable is buried. If it’s an attached garage, hopefully there’s an easy route to your main incoming supply.

The consumer unit is in the garage and has a couple of free slots.

Very good. There’s still some complications there that could hit a snag, since ideally the EVSE needs to be on a “high integrity” circuit and not on one of the existing RCDs, since the supply to the EVSE will be on its own RCBO. So they might have to move circuits around. Most installers don’t like doing that, so you’ll probably end up with a separate small consumer unit just for the charger.

Do you know what your main supply fuse is rated for? 60A, 80A, 100A? Any electric showers, electric oven, electric hob? Just a few things to think about that might cause complications and will increase the cost from a basic simple installation.

It’s 100A then 2 empty slots before the 1st of 2 RCDs

I don’t mind complications as long as the expert can recommend and implement the solution.

Sounds like it should be pretty simply then. Good luck!


WiFi in the garage should be a reasonable strength and I also have 2 spare ports on an ethernet switch in there so I should have plenty of options if any of the charge points can make use of it.

My PodPoint connects to WiFi and I can get usage data via the app, in the same way I get usage information on the commercial PodPoint installations. It also allows me to download the data in .csv format. This is useful since it means I know how much went into the car each month and can separate that out from the rest of my household usage on my monthly electric bill.

I’m sure other EVSEs have similar facilities but I’ve never looked.

If you have solar panels you might like to look at the Zappi charger to make best use of diverting solar to your EV if plugged in during the day.