Electric car charging

Is Bulb going to offer support for electric car charging?
Thank you

Hi @Andy_K

Great to hear you have an electric car, you’re doing a great job by helping the environment so kudos to you on that front. It’s always a possibility for Bulb, however, it may prove to my very ineffective in terms of cost as I know it would run up a large bill to charge a car to 100% battery.

Here’s a handy link for you to find some car charging ports near you, I know my town has two or three already! https://www.zap-map.com/live/

Hi @Andy_K It’s certainly something we’re thinking about. Electric cars are great-we’re big fans, and it’s pretty tricky to deny that they’re going to have a huge influence on the way energy works not just in the UK, but around the world. So we certainly don’t plan on ignoring them. As of yet, we don’t have any specific plans to offer some sort of electric car support, but that could change at literally any moment-we work fast here at Bulb! If we do start running some sort of electric car support you’ll hear about it here on the community and on our blog.

Until then if you need to charge up that link @mitchell fired across could be helpful, and it’s definitely worth thinking about whether it’s worth charging up to 100% every night-are you really going to be driving the full range tomorrow? Don’t quote me on it, but I recall reading somewhere that it can be damaging to the batteries in the long term if you charge them up to 100% every night when you’ve only used up a little of what’s in the tank.