Electric Car Overnight Charging

I have just bought an all electric car. Do Bulb offer a cut price overnight rate for charging?

I cannot find anything on your website to suggest this, however your rivals, such as Octopus Energy, are offering only 5p per Kwh between 12.30-4.30am

Please advise if something you have or will be doing (In the very near Future) as this is the difference between costing me £2.50 with Octopus to charge my car or £8.52 with Bulb which will be an easy choice if I need to make it

Look forward to hearing from you (Or someone on these forums who has some information)


There’s the smart tariff but Bulb don’t have anything to compete with Octopus in this area: https://bulb.co.uk/smart/

You can also get Economy 7 rates from the tariff page (input your post code), but again nothing great. I think there’s an EV tariff in the works but nothing yet. Tariffs: https://bulb.co.uk/tariff/

Hi @Garic448

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We are going to launch our EV tariff shortly please sign up here for updates.

You can also request to join our trial here.

I hope that helps,

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Hi, does Bulb have any links or recommendations in which home charging unit to purchase?


Hey @jacob.ewan.fay - thanks for your comment!

We’re working with smart meter company EDMI to trial the next generation of smart EV chargers in 2021. If you have an electric vehicle or are thinking about getting one in the next year and want to take part in this trial for 100 households across the UK then you can register your interest here and we’ll be in touch if you’re accepted.

Other than that, we don’t have any particular recommendations from our perspective, as it really depends on what you’re looking for - we can help with any questions you have though!