Electric car

We have just bought our first electric van and wonder if there is an account where electric is cheaper during the night, at the moment the meter is saying we are using as much as the kettle used but it takes hours to charge up.

@Craigy5 We do have a two rate tariff with cheaper night energy but you would need to have a new meter to allow the two rates. This would cost £120, alternatively there is a smart meter tariff that you can wait for with a cheaper night rate (smart meters will be coming over in early 2019)

Thanks, if I buy the meter now what are the day and night rates. And do you have any idea what the new rates difference will be in early 2019 ( I understand they will alter )

Hi @Craigy5,

If you go to the main Bulb homepage or the tariff page at https://bulb.co.uk/tariff (scroll down) and enter your postcode, you’ll be able to select ‘Economy 7’ to see the ‘night rates’. The Economy 7 ‘times’ will vary depending on your region/meter setup, but it’s guaranteed to be at least 7 hours ‘sometime’ overnight (usually somewhere between 2200 and 0830)

For the Smart Tariff rates, the rates (and the time split) are shown on https://bulb.co.uk/smart/