Electric Key: ErrorD2

I have tried topping up my electric key at several paypoint locations without success and when I put my key in the meter it displayed an Error D2 message. I’m currently running on friendly emergency and I have already started to incur a minus on my meter and I would like it to be resolved I have a nursing mother and a two year old it would be appreciated if I could get some swift help from bulb.


Bulb are closed at the weekend. There’s an emergency contact number available but I’m not sure how much it’ll help - search for “emergency” in the Help section linked at the top.

I don’t want to “victim blame” in any way, this is clearly not your fault, but can I suggest given this situation with Bulb you arrange your schedule to always top up mid-week and ensure you have more than plenty on your account to last the entire weekend? Whilst Bulb are not the best for pre-payment with their lack of weekend hours, there’s clearly a workaround available to mitigate the issue with a bit of forward planning.

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We can solve a D2 error. It’s nearly always due to using the key before you’r switch date or the meter serial number we have down for you is wrong. Get it touch and we’ll be able to sort it with a code you put on at the shop. Our number is 0300 303 0635 - we’re open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday

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