Electric meter not recognizing our solar panels and needs changing


We have a dual fuel account with you.

We have a problem though.
We have 12 solar panels on our roof but we do not get any FIT payments from them as we do not own them, but we are supposed to get free electric when it’s sunny under the government scheme in return for a solar panel company renting our roof! … however our current digital electric meter is faulty as it is not recognising the fact that we have the panels at all and we are therefore being charged for every unit of electric we use and hence getting no benefit from the panels at all!

We used to have an old analogue meter and the dials used to stop or even go backwards when the panels were producing which was brilliant, but we we had to have the meter changed to this digital one and ever since then I have noticed that our electricity bills have not been reduced at all so I’ve been querying this with the solar panel company but they say the meter is faulty and is your responsibility not theirs!

When it is sunny and our electric should be coming from our solar panels we are supposed to see the letters “RED” (reverse electric ??), instead of numbers, with a solid red light on the meter. Our meter is not recognizing the panels at all as even on a very sunny day it is just always showing numbers and a flashing light all the time … meaning that all of our electric is coming from the grid rather than from our panels … this has been confirmed by a technician from our solar panel company Freetricity.

Please would it be possible for the electric meter to be replaced (or reset or repaired) asap with one that will recognise our panels and will give the “RED” readout and solid red light whenever our electric is coming from our panels.

Also please can we be added to your rollout list to have a smart meter.

Carol Bolton

The meter should never run backwards, your old one was probably not designed with solar panels in mind and should have been spotted/flagged up when the solar was installed.

You should find that when it’s sunny, your electricity is provided by the panels (i.e. the meter will not increment if your using 1kW and the inverter/panels are producing 2kW.

More info here:

Yes I realize that about my old meter … that was the reason it was changed! The whole point is that this meter is incrementing ALL THE TIME even when its sunny and we are using 1kw and the panels are producing 2kw!!!
It therefore needs to be checked and replaced please.

Hi @Carrie22 I have emailed you separately with some questions. Some meters do not show reverse energy detected, they simply stop moving. But once we know the type of meter, we can investigate and get someone out to take a look.


Thanks Sam. I’ve seen your email. Unfortunately I’m out at present but i will take a photo of the meter when I return home later today and send it to you. The freetricity technician said our sort of meter should definitely show the letters RED and have a solid red light … which ours never does!