Electric Meter Reading impossible after smart meter install

So I had my Smart meters installed on the 7th May - and they still aren’t connected to the network. So Bulb wants me to submit meter readings. I can haply do so with Gas by taking a manual reading from the meter, but when I attempt to put the meter readings in for Electric, it tells me the reading is too low.
It appears that the engineers did not submit a final reading, or if they did, But didn’t register it. Therefore, I am left with the last estimate. I have contacted the help three times. Once via the “Upload a photo” option I was given after my reading submission attempt. Once via the chat systejm, and then again about a week later via the phone. Each time I was told it would be fixed.

I logged in today, and it is still not correct.

This really is an awful show, Bulb, - pull your socks up and sort it out!