Electric Meter Reading

Hi, I have recently switched to Bulb and I have Meter 7 for different meter reading for day and night. Since meter showed reading as R1 and R2, I was not sure which was for day and which for night. So I gave R1 as day reading and R2 as night but it’s the other way round. Please advice how to correct the reading provided and make sure my bill is as per day and night usage as I usually use most in day than night.

Also for my previous supplier I gave a similar wrong reading to them, how can I rectify with them too so that they provide me the correct bill as per my last usage.


Best you contact Bulb by phone or live chat and discuss with them. I am sure they will sort it out.

Hi @Tabrez, Yep, that’s the best idea. I’ve sent you an email so we can start resolving this. :slight_smile: