Electric meter reading

Good morning Can you please tell the Electricy meter reading that I submitted to you on the 4th February 2018 to enable me to check my final bill with SSE. Thank you Jayne King

Submitting meter readings. Why can I choose to send picture (image) of my gas reading and not my electric picture (image) .

@JayneKing, you can view all (verified) meter readings you’ve submitted in your Bulb Account:

@JayneKing we’re using 8264 for gas. We’re still waiting on our Data Collector to tell us exactly what to use for electricity (normally we would already have it – there’s been a slight delay here, but I’ve chased our Data Collector about this).

@Gareth197 interesting question. If we don’t think there’s anything unusual or unexpected about a read, we don’t ask for a photo.