Electric meter reading

I’ve signed up for gas and electric (I’ve checked contract) starting on Jan 10th. However, I’ve only thus far been asked for a gas meter reading and that is all I’m allowed to submit via online account. How do I submit an electric reading since I’ve got no way of contacting Bulb? And why haven’t they asked for one? I’m convinced actual usage will be lower than estimated usage.

There is the facility to enter both readings on sign up. When getting an estimate did you use size of property or yearly kWh it does make a difference to the quoted figure.
For contact use the help button and type in contact.

Sound like maybe the electric switch didn’t complete.
Best to email or ring on Monday - contact details via the ‘Help’ link at the top of this page.

Brilliant! Appreciate response.

@J_C1978 You’re welcome. :slight_smile: