Electric meter readings gone backwards?

Hi bulb could I have some info please?
I’ve recently left you guys and my final full bill month which was feb 1st, my electric meter reading was 1961. I left on the 10th feb and my electric meter reading was read at 1498. For some reason the reading has gone backwards which has made my new supplier charging me way more for electric. What’s the reason for this please?

Bulb customer support rarely post here, although that is said to be improving.

I’m just another (soon to be ex-) customer. What was the actual reading you gave to your new supplier, and how does this compare to the closing and opening readings used on the respective bills?

Hi @tom123,

Thanks for your message. This is a bit of a strange one so I’m going to email you so we can talk about this in more detail, hopefully we can get to the bottom of the issue.

my address is XX XX XXXX thank you

Hi @tom123,

I’ve hidden your personal info for security reasons, please reply to my email so we can chat about it privately. Thanks.