Electric Meter Running Backwards??

I have just gone to read my meter and discovered that the two electric readings are both lower than they were in June (Gas meter is ok) which makes me think they are running backwards. The meter is a first generation smart reader previously installed by OVO but this is the first time I have noticed a problem. I will read the meters again later today to prove or disprove my theory but has anyone else ever had this happen?
As I can’t contact Bulb today I will have to do so during the week although I am a little concerned as to how we will know what our true usage is!
PS - we don’t have solar panels so that’s not the issue

UPDATE: Ignore my post, I believed Bulb were using my actual readings, as supplied, but it looks like none of my readings have been accepted and their estimates continue to be higher than the actuals. I have raised this with customer services

hi @kspalding thanks for the update, I’m sure we’ll be able to get the readings corrected and your actual ones used, if you’ve already been in touch with us then great, otherwise let me know if you have any problems :slight_smile: