Electric meter stopped working

I noticed on Saturday that my electric meter didn’t seem to be working. I looked again on Sunday morning and the numbers hadn’t changed at all.
What do I need to do? I’ve tried ringing bulb but spent my whole break on hold.

You will need to keep trying unfortunately.

Are you still receiving electricity, and your meter is not registering the usage or is it he worst case scenario, no electricity and no working meter?

Electricity is working fine it’s just not registering the use.

Hi @Millsy1 . We’re sorry to keep you waiting. Monday’s are particularly busy but we should be quicker than that.

I can see that you’ve sent us an email. One of our energy specialists will respond shortly. They’ll be able to book an engineer to come and replace the meter.

If the meter is broken, we’ll be able to exchange it free of charge.

Hi Eleanor

I am in the same boat as Millsy. I have sent an email but got an unrelated email back in response. Could an engineer be sent out to fix the faulty meter please?

Many thanks

Hi my problem is rather different, the inhouse display isnt working. Tried all the usual switch off, reboot stuff and no sign. It’s near the meter box so that was solved a few months ago.
It’s stuck at 7.25 time several days ago.
Any hints?