Electric shower cost/usage

Hello community,

I’ve joined to ask a question about the electricity usage of the triton electric shower in my rental flat.

It seems that each time we use the shower (circa ten minutes) you can see on the usage chart that the cost peaks to around 40p. I wonder if this matches with anyone else who has a similar shower? Or I wonder if there is a fault with the shower? It feels like an excessive usage cost, but maybe it is correct.

As I’m a new user I can’t upload a screen shot of my usage chart but any help gratefully received.

Thank you

Electric showers are usually in the 7.5-11kW range (equivalent to about 2½-3½ kettles simultaneously).

Cost calculation (assuming 25p/kWh):

11 × 10/60 × £0.25 = £0.46
7.5 × 10/60 × £0.25 = £0.31

So between 31p and 46p for a 10 minute shower, depending on the shower’s power.

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Spot on with your reply. My water heater, which provides all my hot water, peaks at 13kwh.

Thank you for replies, absolutely correct for us! Oh well, five minute showers from here on in.

Thanks again for the useful info.