Electric Smart Meter never connected b

Had our Gas and Electric Smart meters installed in Jan 2020. Gas meter is connected and smart readings are being registered. Electric couldn’t be connected/commissioned at the point of installation so whilst it’s there working and recording it doesn’t send the readings. Bulbs response has always been variations on ‘we’re working on it’ or ‘we will check and get back to you’. Neither of which have happened. Any similar experiences?

Just on the gas readings too, according to the meter we’ve not used any gas in two months. This is despite having a gas hot water boiler and there are four people in the house having showers and baths etc.

Hey @Eilsg :wave:

It looks like you’ve been chatting to us via social media as well so we should be able to help you from there :relaxed:

My colleague will raise this with the smart team to see if we can remotely commission your meters from our side or advise on the next steps.

For the gas meter- can you go to the actual smart meter and manually take a reading? Or does it never change? If it never changes let us know and we can also make sure this is investigated further :mag:

– H :bulb: