Electric usage tripled

Hi our bills have rocketed like a lot of peoples, but also our kWh we switched to some infra red heaters from old economy 7 storage heaters. Thinking of going back to storage heaters - no gas at the property - need to do something as this December bill is £300 for one month!! Advice please !!

Hi @Chris75 - welcome to community :wave:

I’ve had a look into your account, and compared your latest statement with this time last year, and this year’s statement is slightly higher which I’m afraid is likely due to the several prices increases last year.

It may be worth asking your heating installer about the energy efficiency of the new heating - I have looked online and there are mixed reviews.

– Meg :bulb:

Since this is the chat that is getting responses due to bills going up, I’ve got a complaint for you.

You have sent me an email telling me you are putting my payment up to £140.75 per month.

I have just now called and your advisor put the phone down on me!

I cannot afford that amount and I think it is extortionate considering I live alone, am away for 9 hours every week day and switch EVERYTHING off at the mains when I leave.

How can you justify putting it up so high?

Simply put, I need that adjusting or you’re not going to get paid.

When I moved in back in October 2020 by payments were just £50. I have increased to £80 to allow for increases but THIS? Beyond a joke.

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Hi @KellyRobo94

Thanks for reaching out,

I have replied back to your original thread : Being Charged Too Much .

Can you kindly respond on there and if you have any other questions then please let me know.

–Suki :hibiscus:

I have emailed Bulb, but have not had a response so I thought I would add my question to this thread.

My electricity usage is around £3-£5 per day, on Wednesday it rose to £8 then Thursday and Friday was £17 and £16 per day respectively. No one is home during the day in the week. I am dreading how much I will be charged this weekend when we are all at home.

I obviously know that prices are going up, but that rise is awful and I can not afford it.

Please could someone from bulb explain what is going on?

Thank you

Got to agree, went to submit my meter readings as my smart meters are no longer smart.

Gas not a problem but I have 2 electricity meters registered. One I recognise & the other I do not.

It looks the one i dont recognise is recording a smart reading & the one I do recognise was not being updated. Either way bulb had my correct usage.

However, when I put in the correct reading for the meter I do recognise it then tripled my bill.

Get a sinking feeling I’m being charged twice here!?

Yes I know prices have gone up but every year I always over pay & get a refund, this year apparently I’m underpaying but haven’t used the heating much as it’s been a mild winter.

Bulb please explain / help!

Thanks in advance