Electric Vehicles charging

The clear trend is for cars moving to different power platforms like electric and hydrogen in 2019 and progressively beyond.

Plug-In EV (electric vehicles) will from 2019 start moving up from 30 miles battery capacity (eg, like the Mitsubishi PHEV) to the vehicles from a number of motor manufacturers (such as Tesla Model 3, or the Hyundai KONA), offering 300 miles+ on a battery charge. This will rapidly change the market removing car owner "range anxiety’ that they presently feel with pure EVs.

Does Bulb plan to offer an EV electrical tariff to its customers, if so when? And would this require a Smart Metre interface of some kind? Thanks.

They don’t offer an EV tariff but the Economy 7 tariff works pretty well for charging up my Leaf cheaply. Bulb do charge for an Economy 7 meter though if you don’t already have one (about £120 iirc), so it might be best to ask your existing supplier for one if they do it free.

Hi Guys, at the moment, an economy 7 meter would be the option for EV charging. A specific EV tariff is though something that we are actively researching, and are looking to introduce in the near future

Entirely out of curiosity rather than self interest - would that extend as far as using the vehicles as smart microstorage for balancing the grid? So allowing energy to flow both ways, and maybe offering customers a slice of whatever payment you’d get from the National Grid for that?

Hi @markp Our Bulb Labs team are exploring all different options at the moment and vehicle to grid is something we are looking into, along with a lot of other ideas to improve the Bulb experience for EV drivers