I was told by bulb that i should put money on my old electric key and use it until today as our supplier was taken over by then. I did this yesterday. The old key registered the amount and then cut off our electric. When i spoke to our old energy supplier they said iour account was taken over on the 10th of June! They told me to put the new key in which i did and it worked. They told me to send the old key to bulb along with the receipt to bulb for them to refund me as they had given me the incorrect information. Can somebody tell me the address of whom to send it to?

Look further down this page for their address.

I would however suggest you first contact Bulb direct for their advice before sending off any receipt to them?

Hi there @doodles2000 - sorry about the mix-up there. Would you mind emailing us the receipt at help@bulb.co.uk please? Thanks :slight_smile: