Electricity bill seems very high

My electric bill seems very high… I realise the call centre isn’t open now, is there anybody I can speak to who can help me please

Hi @Julie89, have you submitted regular meter readings?

If you aren’t submitting meter readings at least once a month then your bills will be being based on estimates provided by a data collector (nothing to do with Bulb) which are often wildly inaccurate, especially during the winter.

Bulb are one of the cheapest suppliers in the UK so long as you’re submitting regular readings and your meter is working correctly, your bills are likely to be lower than they would be with another supplier.

If you’re actually referring to your direct debit payments rather than the amount that Bulb is taking out of your account to pay for the energy you’re using, you can change this in your MyBulb page here if you have a good idea of what a normal monthly amount for you is. The initial amount calculated when you sign up is also based on what’s provided by the data collector so again, this can be quite a way off actual usage.

Hi @Julie89 If you would like one of our agents to give you a callback to discuss this with you please fill in this form and we shall get back to you as soon as possible