Electricity Charges

I recently moved to Bulb because of the 5 star rating and of course cheaper rates. HOWEVER - In completing the change over application forms on the internet, I was asked to provide 2 readings for electricity even though I have no economy 7 or such like. I entered the correct reading in box 1 and my application was unacceptable until I entered something in box 2. I tried 00000 which didn’t work so I put the same reading in again in box 2. The result of course, is that my initial monthly projection of £140 has been raised to £402 because I am being charged twice for electricity. I now have a lady who is suggesting all sorts to justify the over charging when the fault seems to be with Bulbs system. Has anyone had a similar issue and how do I convince Bulb who are supposedly very helpful, that I am not prepared to pay £1200 extra per annum for a gleak in their system ! Cheers John Gibson

The is a customer to customer forum, you can contact the Bulb team direct using one of the methods shown at the bottom this page: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us

It sounds that to me that when you signed up, something indicated you had an Economy 7 meter (and therefore the 0000 reading mis-fed everything). Once Bulb receives the official details about the meter, it should be flagged up. However, what I would advise taking a picture of your meter showing the reading and serial number (so they can confirm things against the ‘independent third party validator’) and sending it to help@bulb.co.uk pointing towards this thread and hopefully things will be sorted out.