Electricity cost increased on meter

Hi ,Over the last few days when i go to the kitchen in the morning i noted bt over night expense was around the 5-6pence mark, now it has now jumped uo to over 20 pence for the same period, why such a massive leap in cost

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Er, you have used more electricity? You have something ‘new’ on overnight - possibly that varies in use by some external factor, such as light or temperature (ie an overnight security light on longer , or the central heating pump on more). Assuming ‘overnight’ is about 8 hours, then a 15p jump would suggest around a 125W load on all night, so not loads.

I would suspect that what you’re seeing is that the daily standing charge (of approx. 21p) is now included in the IHD figures.

Hi @andy.collins.63,

@stevefoster is right, I think you’re now seeing your standing charge being added to the IHD every day. We did this to make sure you aren’t shocked when your bill comes through with this added charge on.

Let me know if you still have any questions.

When did Bulb introduce this? We were quite panicked when we started seeing the high amounts first thing in the morning! We were unplugging loads of things overnight to work out what was causing it!
It would have been good if you could have warned us.
There doesn’t appear to be any option in the IHD to disable this feature.