Electricity cut

My electricity has gone all of a sudden. I live in a building with numerous flats in and I am the only one with a power cut. Bulb energy does not have an out of hours helpline so I am concerned about how will I be able to get my electricity back and running as I live in an electric only flat.

Do you have a prepayment meter? Could that have cut you off? If not have you checked your electrical distribution board/RMU? Failing those two things its may be the local network operators problem, you can contact them by dialling 105 .

If the other flats are unaffected it seems unlikely that its a network issue but it is possible. They should at least be able to guide you as to what the problem is with your power supply. If there is a wiring problem between your meter and your flat I don’t know whose responsibility that is, you might have to speak to the freeholder, someone else here may know?