Electricity has disappeared from my account

Hi Bulb

I was chatting to Alessandra earlier this afternoon and she said she’d get back to me via e-mail by the end of today. I just want to make sure I haven’t been forgotten.

Alessandra was going to investigate a problem with my account. It looks like electricity usage and readings have disappeared and I only have gas showing, yet this can’t be possible because I haven’t actually switched to another supplier (despite wanting to a little while back).

Please do get back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you

Hey @smt :wave:

It looks like Alessandra sent you an email yesterday at 17:15. To get the bottom of things we’ll need a picture of your electricity meter, so she’s requested that in the email :slightly_smiling_face: If you reply to her email, we can then get this sorted for you!

All the best,

I have now replied with a picture of our meter. Thank you

Thanks @smt- Alessandra will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cara :bulb:

Please can I have an update on this?

8 days have passed now. There is a further development which is that our smart meter in-home-display is now telling us we are paying more than 19p per kWh for electricity, which is not what we agreed to and is in excess of Bulb’s recent price change.

Hi @smt

Sorry for the delay, I’ve asked Alessandra to get back to you as soon as she can. It sounds like the issue with the in-home display is related to the one she is resolving.

Don’t worry, once it’s sorted the display will have the correct tariff rate and you won’t be charged anything other than Bulb’s prices for the energy you’ve used.


Hello. Perhaps you should re-assign this to someone who has more time available?

Another 5 days have passed and still I’ve heard nothing, and the issue hasn’t resolved. Absolutely dreading the inevitable billing issues that are coming our way now. Putting my anxiety through the roof again.

Will I still be able to submit meter readings to you for electricity in a few days time? I need to make sure you at least have a record of our consumption.

Hi @smt

I can confirm we’ve now raised the request to take your meter back from the other supplier.

Once they accept we’ll rebill you for the entire period since we erroneously lost your electricity supply.

If you make a note of the readings now we can add them once we do supply again and make sure you’re billed properly.

I’ve also asked Alessandra to give you a full update ASAP.



I see Alessandra has now e-mailed and I have e-mailed back again.

Seeing is believing so I won’t hold my breath until I see results.

Do you need an electricity meter reading today please, or can it wait until 31st July so that I’ll have a full month’s consumption?

@smt You can submit one on the 31st/the day before your billing date, that should be fine :blush:


As promised I’ve taken an electricity meter reading this evening and sent it to Alessandra using the help@bulb.co.uk e-mail address. Perhaps you can intercept it and ensure the reading goes through to right department?

Thank you!


Hi @smt,

Thanks for getting back to us on here. Alessandra has the reading now and will escalate this to our billing team to decide next steps. She’ll be in touch via that email thread :relaxed:

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb: