Electricity is not being read from smart meter but gas is

Can someone please look into the above for me? The app shows my gas usage but no electricity. The odd part is the electricity meter is connected fine to the wan/han and this has only happened since the recent smets1 software update. You’re incorrectly estimating my usage. The odd part is the loop app links fine with my meter and shows usage in the 30 minute intervals as requested/set to. I really need this fixing so I can curb my usage as much as possible in the coming increases.

Hey @john1471

I am sorry your usage graphs have stopped working.

We recently updated the way in which we communicate with your smart meter as you have mentioned. This is because you have a first-generation smart meter and so we have brought it in line with the way in which we communicate with the new models of smart meters.

While this is happening your usage graphs will have stopped working. Our usage graphs are still in a trial stage and so when we change things issues can arise.

Our smart team is working on getting this back up and running for you but I do not have an exact time frame on when it will be.

– Robyn :bulb:

Thanks for the reply Robyn, it’s just that the usage is being estimated as opposed to read ‘smart’ I know it’s nothing major but it helps me as a customer to keep track of my usage costs. I’ll submit them manually from now on thanks, the connected ‘loop’ app seems to be tracking my electricity just fine.

Same here for 3 years now ibget hit with massive bull because no one told me it wasnt worki g for 3 years …and when you found out or told me i should say 3 months back not once has anyone said they will fix it and its fitted by you …i refuse tobpay the balance you say iniwe form yoyr made up estimates for years

I think I can have smets 2 meters fitted at a cost of about £275 which will include a new IHD? Can someone confirm this?

Hi @Mrgbooth :wave:

I’ve had a look into your account and I can see that the billing issues on your account have now been resolved by a colleague of mine. If there is anything else we can help with please let me know below :point_down:

Hi @john1471 :wave:

I’m raising this with our metering team to review this job and obtain the cost of how much this would be. When installing a SMETS2 meter our engineers would leave an IHD behind which is paired up to the gas and electricity meters. Once I have a figure for this cost I’ll let you know.

Your SMETS1 meter is being upgraded to a SMETS2 meter functionality and once it has been everything should been the readings will be sent through again and you will receive monthly accurate bills along with up to date information on your usage graph, so we would not recommend exchanging your meters as the SMETS1 meters will be completely upgraded over the coming 1-2 months.

If you have any questions in the meantime please drop them below :point_down:

– Best
Luke :bulb:


The only reason I’d do it is for the meter to submit all my readings as electricity isn’t working and my ihd is broken.

Yes still not resolved as i wS told it was …ypu still ask for readings well done bulb for the quick response and lies

The loop app now shows both gas and electricity usage in real-time. Sign up for the loop app it’s easy. Why bulb aren’t getting the data while loop are, even remotely! Is beyond me. Very odd indeed