Electricity Key Failing Again

So long story short, last year I began to have a issues with my electricity key as soonest this started to happen I have contacted Bulb straight away they have just to be told that they will find which store near me does have this key in stock and I will be able to pick it up from there, the response never arrived and mean while key started to work again, this april I have again experienced the issue with the key so I contacted Bulb again and been given the addresses of the stores which supposedly have the keys, so I have visited every single one of them to just hear that they do not have them, I did let the bulb know about it and never received a solution, so my local OneStop shop somehow managed to top up the key few times by jiggling it in a port, now the key refuse to work at all I have tried 4 different top up shops where the key says it needs RTI :man_shrugging:t3: So now on Sunday afternoon I am left again with £0.25 emergency credit on my meter and no way to top up.
I have contacted Bulb emergency email again but I have no doubt that they will not come with any reasonable solution.
If the key would have been posted to me when I firstly contacted the company there would be no issues at all.
I am outrageous about the situation they have left me with and I will make sure that further actions regarding this case will be taken.