Electricity Meter Reading - Economy 7 meter - only one box to fill in online.

Hi, I am due to switch to you on the 4th. I have an economy 7 meter and my tariff shows daytime and nighttime rates, but when I try to enter my meter reading I only get one box to fill in for electricity. So I entered the first number (1 on the meter) expecting another box to appear but it never did. So, how do I fill in the meter reading correctly?

@Col, Bulb may have some incorrect information regaring your meter. If you’re on economy 7, two boxes should appear as you suspected.

I’d recommend giving them a ring tomorrow (0300 30 30 635) to sort this out.

Hi @Col I have just replied to your email regarding this, looks like we have a two rate meter on our end, we just need to figure out what has happened to your online account!

Cheers :slight_smile: