Electricity meter reading not showing up

Hi Bulb,

I have just switched to Bulb - effective Feb 11th. I submitted the first reading on Feb 5th and then another one on Feb 10th. However, I can only see the one from Feb 5th but the date is set to Feb 11th.

Can you please help?

@Anijusia we ignored the Feb 10 read because you’d already given your ‘first read’ (on Feb 5). The first read is always classed as being on the supply switch date (Feb 11 in your case).

Ah I see. Thank you for your help!

I also have a similar issue. I had entered couple of electricity readings and couple of gas readings after my opening reading (Opening set on Feb 4th, second set on Feb 10th and third on Feb 17th). I can see that the gas readings are getting updated for all 3, but not the electricity readings - still shows the reading from Feb 4th. Do you not accept more than one electricity reading in a month?

Hey @salil_kh - the more reads the merrier :wink: Right after your switch, we’re waiting for your first meter read to be validated by the industry - while that’s happening, we won’t add other reads to your account right away. Seems the gas industry was a lot quicker to validate your reads in this case

Thanks Ralf for the update! I can see the updated reading.

I’m having the same problem. Can see gas meter readings, but not electricity. Also, we are now paying more per month than we were with our previous supplier! Feeling very worried…

@Jules_Matt - the industry didn’t respond with all the info we expected after your switch, so that’s why your reads couldn’t show yet. I’ve now updated your elec reads, so your account will be back on track by the end of the day - give us a shout if you have any other questions