Electricity meter reading/usage

My electricity meter is going up by approx 400 a month over last few months, yet October to November last year when it was darker and colder, it was averaging approx 270 a month. I find it strange that in the summer months my usage is higher. Could my meter be faulty?

It will be faulty unless a neighbour has tapped in to your supply

Hey @Spenny1976 :wave:

When you say 400 a month, are you talking about 400 kWh units?

Have you had any high usage appliances installed recently? Hot tubs are the main culprit for higher usage and many people don’t realise this before purchasing.

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Yes kwh and havent changed the way i use electricity. Cant understand why kwh has increased, plus the smart meter still doesn’t send readings which is on-going issue

It might sound mad, but I take meter readings every day at the same time, midday.
I use them to check my DIY “smart” meters.
The easiest way to do this is to photograph the meter and if possible, record the reading in something like a spreadsheet.
Do you have a dual rate meter, i.e. day and night rates?
Is it an old mechanical type with revolving disc or is it electronic with a display?
Increasing by 400-kWhr per month does sound excessive and my own readings are about 15-kWhr per day, or 450-kWhr per month in Winter months.
It goes down to about 330-kWhr per month now.
That’s in a 4 bedroom detached property with quite a lot of low power equipment on all the time.
The best way to check is to turn off off as much equipment as you can and check for as long as you can.
Some culprits are things like underfloor heating where the controller has failed.
It’s difficult to advise as there could be many reasons for unusual usage.