Electricity Meter Readings

Does anyone know

  1. How is it I can ask “The Community” a question (whatever “The Community” is) yet I can’t see a way to ask Bulb a question directly i.e. there is no “Contact Us” link?
  2. When entering meter readings, why do I have to enter the Electricity meter reading twice but the gas reading only once?

Hi @SPK, I hear they’re working on improvements to their help system. I agree it’s not particularly clear right now what “the community” is.

You can live chat to Bulb from here (bottom right), or phone/email them, details on the same page.

Regarding entering your meter readings, if it’s asking for two electricity meters, it sounds like the system thinks you’re on Economy 7 rather than a single rate tariff. If this is not the case, you’d be best off giving them a ring (0300 30 30 635) to discuss the issue.