Electricity meter registered to wrong post code

I firstly would like to apologise for the length of this post. But I am completely at my wits end and have absolutely 0 patience left with the contact centre agents Iv spoken to.

So I have been with bulb since the week after I moved into my new build property about 4 years ago. I was told bg was the supplier for the building site and bulb would take it over. No problem. For the next 4 years.

I work for Bg and have now been offered a staff discount to have my energy with them so would like to transfer over. Goes through the changeover tool and I’m told “we can transfer over your gas. But not your electricity. The electricity meter registered to your property is turned off indicating you have no electricity at your property”. Obviously not true. As Iv been paying bulb handsomely for my electric for 4 years.

Did a bit of digging through my contacts at bg and discovered. My gas meter. Registered fine. Correct address. Correct post code. However. Electricity meter is registered at the correct address. But the wrong post code. Very similar but one letter out. This letter is now the bane of my life. I asked bg if they could do the change over anyway and they can’t as on the drop down menu for the incorrect post code. It doesn’t have my street and house number. I asked if they could intervene. And they said they can’t. It has to be bulb who contact the national database. So off I go to contact bulb.

Phones up bulb Explains situation. Girl can see the issue right away. Says no problem. Will contact national database. Get this updated. Will take about 3 weeks. Emails me confirmation and says any updates or questions just email me. 3 weeks and about 10 non returned emails go by. Every time I phone up to ask I’m told wait 24 hours for a reply and this agent will contact said girl. Phone back 24 hours later and get the same speech.

Another week goes by. I phone again. I get a different girl who’s really helpful. Says it looks like the other agent just isn’t responding. She can see from the case the national database had requested a photo of my electricity meter. But for some reason the first agent didn’t bother to ask me for this or even tell me. She tells me she will take over the case and take it from there.

I’m now 2 weeks down the line from that. I’m back up at about 5 unanswered emails from this agent. The same merry go rounds on the phone. Agents telling me various names on the one call and denying it. Hanging up on me. Etc etc.

I suspect the issue has came from where the house was still a plot on the building site and there’s been a mix up with mpan numbers and serial numbers. I understand this. It’s life.

But I’m 6 weeks down from when I was first told this would be sorted. I’m losing money every month I can’t transfer over to bg for my staff discount. I am being passed around silly from agents. I must be at over 20 calls and close to the same amount of emails (with 2 responses).

Is there anyone in the bulb community who works for bulb and can help me / escalate this / explain things better to me. I really am losing sanity over it.

Thanks for any help if it comes. Chris

You could always tryemailing the CEO. That gets a senior team member on the job, and hopefully the problem will get solved. Though my contact has not yet solved my issue - he has worked on it and now is apparently waiting for the national database to update.

I think that’s the next stage. I’ll give it to Monday.

Hi @chrisarbuckle1 :wave: Welcome to Community!

I’m sorry that this case hasn’t been handled correctly. I completely understand your frustration and would do exactly the same in your position.

I’ve taken a look through these email threads, and will be discussing this with those who have handled the case so far to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. I’ve also sent communications to the electricity national database to get the supply address updated correctly.

I’ll be checking back on this periodically to make sure this is processed correctly, and will reach out by email in case there’s any extra information I need (but I think what you’ve given already will be more than sufficient).

If there’s anything else you need, please let us know below :point_down:

Ollie :musical_note:

Already have British Gas taking over the supply now. Your company should be ashamed with the way Iv been treated and I’m sure you can see that from the various email threads.