Electricity meter types/rates - why are there so many different ones?

Hi @Lis, I’ve just replied back to your email about this - now that this has been raised with our Dataflows team, we shouldn’t have this issue persisting any further.

Lou :sparkles:

You will be pleased to know that the problem of ‘transposed meter reading fields’ may finally have been resolved. I don’t know how it was resolved but I am cautiously optimistic this time. Fields were transposed in February 2022 but have stayed put in their correct positions since then. I have just submitted some readings online and with trepidation checked again and fields are right way round. It’s been a long haul. Problem apparently dates back to 2017. I first became aware of it in 2019 and have spent many hours on trying to get it resolved. One piece of advice, tell staff to be more cautious with their optimistic predictions that “everything should be fine now” and “you will not have this problem again”, because for three years that turned out not to be true. A more cautious approach is better. “I have fixed it this time, let’s see if it stays fixed. if not, get back to us and we will investigate further”. More confidence inspiring than unfounded over-optimism.