electricity meter

I think the electricity meter which installed my flat is strange.

  • 31st March : 16922
  • 29th April : 17389
    It is too expensive although nobody was at home for 10 days in April because we traveled.
    Please investigate it as soon as possible otherwise we can’t use electricity safely.

Contact Bulb (details under the Help button). When the accuracy of a meter is called into question a second meter can be installed to check the disputed one.

Is the flat all electric? If so 467 units a month doesn’t seem excessive at only 15kwh hours a day. Even if you were only there for twenty days it still works out at 20 kWh per day the flat was occupied. If you left your hot water switched on it will still use a couple of units a day just to keep the tank hot, even if no water is being drawn off. Space heating is very energy intensive too remember- if you have electric radiators and have used them at all this month be aware that each of them can use anything up to three units per hour. It looks like you have used about £50 worth of electricity, which doesn’t sound unreasonable, and if you have electrically heated hot water and space heating is actually remarkably low. How does the reading compare to previous months?