Electricity meter

I have long suspected that my meter could be showing more consumption than the actual. ( quite a lot of power used when house empty for 4 months).

We have just been away for 13 days, everything off except fridge and tv recorder. Power used not too excessive: 24 units day, 4 units night. It seems to me that consumption per hour should be even so night units ought to be about a third of total units?

Is it possible to arrange to have the meter tested? What would be the charge for this?

Redvers Chown

Your night rate will probably only be 7 hrs vs 14hrs for day, so they’d never be even?

28kWh over 13 days doesn’t sound too extreme. Your fridge/freezer will work more during the day as the temp is higher. Average UK fridge freezer uses 427 kWh/year, so, 1.17kWh per day. Leaving <1kWh per day for anything else switched on, which is less than £50 per year.

You can have a meter accuracy test, but you’ll be charged if no fault is found.

Maybe request a smart meter to replace yours for free?