Electricity prepay meter credit going too quickly

I’m messaging regards my electricity, I feel it is too high. I top-up via a key meter and I’m shocked at how fast the credit goes.
Thursday 12th (evening) I put £10 on the meter and that all went by Sunday 15th (morning). I then topped up £12 and that as gone this morning (Wednesday 18th) in which I have put another £10 on.
At this rate I will be averaging around £25 - £30 credit every week which in my position I cannot afford to do that. I am currently not working due to ill health which I’m being looked into with the hospital but it’s slow going with appointments due to the Covid situation. Can you please check my electricity.

Hi @phil_7419, thanks for your post.

I want to take a look into this for you to ensure your meters are on the right rates. I’ve popped you an email requesting a little more information. We can carry on this conversation there.

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