Electricity prepayment key

I joined bulb recently, my meters are prepayment. on 2nd September I received an email from bulb to confirmed that thay sent me electricity key and gas card. I received card but not key for electricity. I phoned bulb and spoke to this woman she said the key would be with me by 16 th September and also said I still can use my old key, I don’t want to use my old key I want my key using old key won’t solve problem so far haven’t received that key and very soon I will be left with out electricity.

can some one from bulb send me a key ASAP? I absoulatey regreted to change my supplier, if I don’t receive my key by this Wednsday I will switch back to my previous supplier.

How difficult is to post a key please don’t blame corona for it!!!

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Hi there, I do apologise for the delay in your key reaching your home! It appears as though this matter has been resolved for you now, with a TAG code to allow you to visit your local paypoint/payzone stores, and obtain a new key for your meter. If there are any complications with this, please do get in touch and we can ensure to assist you on this further.

Well, since September 8th I have had THREE keys (supposedly) sent to me - nothing has arrived.

Bulb gave me a TAG number to “go get a key myself” saying I could use EON, EDF or N-POWER . . . . guess what - I have tried 30+ Payzone and PayPoint stores in West Yorkshire and not one of them stock the right keys (just gas cards).

Like the OP said the gas card came within days - but the electric key is a real problem so much that if one does not arrive by this Friday I am moving away from Bulb. Sick of requesting these keys. I suggest Bulb changes supplier of these because something is seriously going wrong.

Hi @akwaryos, sorry to hear that! I have just sent an email to you now.

Please do respond, and if you have still not received your electric key we can get one sent out by First Class delivery for you. I hope to hear from you!

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All sorted now thanks. Love the red key.

Please sort your supplier of keys out though, you almost lost me.

one can’t help wonder why you didn’t just use your old key, saved yourself a lot of aggro

I am still waiting for my Electricity prepayment key. I received my gas card well over a week ago, and after reading other users comments, seems like its going to be a while before i get my key

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Hi Kara, thanks for getting in touch with us and welcome to Community! :wave:

I’d like to help get this sorted for you ASAP! I have sent you an email now and hope to hear from you.

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  1. I am a new customer and didn’t receive a key - that was the issue.

  2. Using my old key (British Gas) would mean continuing to pay British Gas rates.

  3. Is that simple enough for you to understand?

  4. Good.

No, if you had taken your old BG key and your tag code to a PP point the shopkeeper would have input the code onto that key. Jobs a goodun(or would have been)

Cannot use a British Gas key with Bulb (so the customer service reps say). Only EON, EDF and N-Power which as I pointed out - non of the PayPoint’s or PayZone’s had in stock.

keys are all the same only the colour is different.
unless BG do something to their keys.
Anyway think we will call it a draw, and end this conversation

LOL @ a draw.
I was told by several BULB reps that British Gas keys CANNOT BE USED - for some reason you seem to think you know better than them.

Hey @skippy64 & @akwaryos

British Gas keys did used to work if picked up with a Tag code, but since new year their contract with Paypoint stopped and also can’t be used with other suppliers.

Eon prepay are the prepay partners for a number of suppliers (meaning they distribute keys and produce tag codes), which is why Eon, EDF and Npower keys are the ones we look for at top up shops.

I imagine Bgas have a separate system because they’re the incumbent and largest supplier (but could be wrong)

thank you for clearing up that point