Electricity prepayment rates

I have 2 prepayment electricity meters in my house and both show the same cost per kwh as shown in the image below.
Can anyone explain why I’m being charged 18.02p per kwh on my meter when the cost should be 13.07p per kwh?
Also, if this is wrong how can I correct it for both meters?

Many thanks,


Did you top up via Paypoint a little while ago? There was some issue where that would cause the tariff to go a bit mad. It was discussed in a couple of other threads on here, and the upshot is Bulb will recompense you - but you need someone like @Lou_at_Bulb or @CJ_at_Bulb to help sort it out.

Thanks Steve,

I started to find a few posts about the issue soon after I posted.
I’ll be topping up tomorrow so that should sort it.
Hopefully @Lou_at_Bulb or @CJ_at_Bulb can advise on the refund.


Hi @Robbie, firstly welcome to the Bulb community! :raised_hands:

As @stevefoster said, there was a little problem that we had with members topping up at PayPoint terminals that caused their tariffs to change. This was rectified about two weeks ago now, so if this is still something that you’re experiencing, I will definitely need to take a look into this. I need to have another couple of photos for this, so I’m going to drop you an email later today and we can get to the bottom of this :mag_right: