Electricity Readings not Possible

Hi there,

Switched to bulb at the start of the month, but strange things are happening with my electricity readings.

While my gas went OK with a final bill from SSE within 10 days of the switch, I’ve still not got an electricity final bill from them.

I initially assumed this was their fault so contacted them, and they’re adamant you’ve not sent them my initial read for electricity yet (something you contest).

I’m mainly concerned as it’s also as though electricity isn’t working correctly via bulb either. The system rejects all of my readings for electricity but not gas - and there’s only one difference I can spot: For gas, there’s lots of detail regarding meter serial number, ‘MPRN’ and details of my previous readings. For electricity, none of these details are shown when trying to enter a reading. This could suggest to me a systematic problem where my account isn’t linked to my meter?

The question is, are all these problems a coincidence or connected? I need to be able to enter readings throughout my time with Bulb, and also need to have a final bill from SSE. Hopefully you’ll have a solution.

I did call Bulb yesterday, but the nice girl didn’t really get how this would happen and therefore made a manual reading to try and push the system to accept my readings, but it’s unchanged from previous situation after this.

Thanks in advance,

Further to the above, I’ve just submitted a new meter reading so clearly either you’ve done something from this message, or the work done over the phone yesterday has now had a positive impact.

However, I’ve just noticed on my bulb homepage a message saying my previous supplier will use an estimated reading to generate my bill. Is this due to the fact the readings haven’t been going through properly?

To clarify, the reading on the 3rd of May (which the person on the phone yesterday manually re-entered) was my opening reading, and as such any agreement with my previous supplier should be based on this.

I’m concerned potentially the delay with SSE is because it’s gone to an independent body to generate an estimated meter reading. This obviously takes time, but I do expect opening and closing readings to be correct :slight_smile:

Hey @GroveBen - sorry to hear this isn’t going as smoothly as usual for you.

Everything looks fine with your gas, but you’re right that the electricity problems are all interconnected. When we took over your electricity supply, we should have been sent all the technical details for your meter (which are sent by an industry third party, not by your old supplier), but those haven’t arrived. That’s why your serial number etc won’t be showing up on your account at the moment.

One of the consequences of this is that your electricity meter readings won’t log properly in our system (they just sit in a pending bucket until we get the technical details we need), and so we’re not able to send them to your old supplier in the official way.

As a result, an estimate will be generated and sent to both us and SSE, but we can dispute that if the estimate looks wrong once we get the necessary details. Whatever happens, we’ll make sure you don’t lose out financially :slight_smile:

To fix this, I’ve now chased up the missing details (with that pesky independent body again) and I’ve left a note for myself to check back next week to make sure everything’s going through smoothly. And I’ll keep you in the loop via email with any updates along the way.

All the best,

Hi @“SamC at Bulb” , do you have any updates on this topic this week?

Just tried to do a new electricity reading and getting the old error again so I assume you’ve still not resolved information with the independent body
(it’s 13698 if you could pop it on the account while you’re here!)

I’ve attached a picture of the reading including serial number if that helps you at all.

Thanks in advance,