electricity readings

Hi, I’ve submitted a couple of electricity readings (today and this time last week). Neither are showing up. Do you know when they will?

@will7968_1981 They should be showing in your account now :slight_smile:

I submitted one earlier this week and it is not showing either. How long does it usually take? Thanks

@Miguel thanks for getting in touch. I’ve just looked at the system and I can see meter readings submitted on the 17th of December but not any before that.

Our system is now waiting on estimated first readings before the subsequent readings will be shown.

If the first readings look too high or too low when you’re sent the final bill by the old supplier, please let us know.

Who provides the estimated readings?


The estimates are provided by a third party company called a data collector.

Every energy supplier has a data collector and they have access to every meter read ever submitted for your meter.

The generate your annual estimates and the switch estimates.

@“Rob at Bulb”, is it a legal requirement for you to use a data collector for customer estimates?
It seems that they’re never accurate (they haven’t ever been accurate from any of my previous suppliers either) so would there be anything stopping Bulb using machine learning in the future with their own figures to do this better?

I understand that what Bulb purchases is based on the figures from the Data Collector but do we as customers have be given the same figures as it’s often so far off?

On a related note, what information does the data collector have? Is it just meter references and readings or do they also know customer names and addresses?
Are the HHDC and NHHDCs the same for every customer with a specific supplier or do you deal with multiple depending on the meter that the customer has?