Electricity Smart Meter Not Commissioned Yet, Installed on 25th of May 2021


my electricity and gas smart meters were both installed on the 25th of May 2021 and the gas meter started working straight away (displaying on the In House Display). The electricity meter is not showing on the IHD and it is not sending any readings to Bulb. I have contacted Bulb Help at least on five occasions to ask when this will start working and all I hear back is that the matter is with the Smart Meter team. Is it normal for the meter to still not be working 2 months after install and why no updates from the Smart Meter team or when I reply to the emails being send by helpdesk agents? How long does it take to commission the meter and if it cant be commissioned how long does it take to fix or replace it? Any information to set my expectations would be nice. Thank you.

Hi @Ivo :wave:

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I’ve been in touch with our Smart team and it looks like after multiple attempts, they haven’t unfortunately managed to commission your electricity meter. This means that the issue won’t be fixed immediately.

While trying to commission your meter, the process kept hitting an error when trying to connect it to the Home Area Network, which links the meters and the communications hub.

We’re working on remotely solving the root cause of this error and various other ones. Once we have a fix, we can try to remotely commission your smart meters again, to resolve the issue from our end.

This means that your IHD won’t show any electricity data and that your meter won’t be able to send us readings. To make sure your billing is still accurate, please continue to submit monthly manual readings. You can do this in the same way as before, by clicking “Submit a meter reading” in your Bulb Account and following this guide.

I’m sorry I don’t have better news but want to assure you we’ll continue working with meter manufacturers and the Data Communications Company to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Cara :bulb: