Electricity smart meter not working for 10 months

So both of my smart meters were working fine. Last August the electricity meter stopped working. Much communication and reports of communication problems and remote resets but still nothing. I can’t believe that such incompetence exists. Does this network issue exist with other operators as I believe the communication network is shared. I really only want my smart meters to work. If I reach one year without the electricity smart meter I will look to change supplier. Happy with Bulb in other respects but this issue annoys me.

It does, can’t altogether blame the suppliers.
The Govt. as usual jumped in with both feet and thought what a good idea, we’ll install “smart” meters and join the dots later. then the toothless tiger(ofgem)came along and in their wisdom decided to impose ridiculous targets and hefty fines if targets not met. Result 15 billion quid up the swanee
BTW it was pre BJ

Hi @CidermanMick :wave:

I can see my colleague Nick emailed you but just to mention it here as well-

The smart meter network is run by the DCC who is a third party, meaning we have to wait for the smart infrastructure to be updated by them to ensure these issues are fixed.

We did request a reboot for you but there are a few problems on the smart network that can cause reboots to fail right now. We will be working on fixes for these issues and when they’re ready, it will automatically be sent out to your devices and they will start communicating on their own.

I do agree this is really frustrating, especially when they were working before! Hopefully over the year the DCC is able to work out what’s happening and get the fixes sorted.

I have had the same issue since august 2021. I have apparently been passed to the metering team to arrange an appointment …… still waiting. Next step for me is contacting the ombudsman as this is Ridiculous in this day and age the fact that it is taking this long to arrange an appointment