Electricity Smart Meter not working

My IHD has never shown my electricity meter connection nor does the data seem to ever get sent to Bulb - can you advise please?

For information I have completed the ‘reset’ many, many times over the last 12months

Meter installed October 2019

  • Gas meter has worked from day 1

Hi @jasondh, welcome to our community! :partying_face:

I am sorry to learn of your smart meter issues. Can you please let me know if your IHD is restarting itself every now and then? Or does it just show your gas usage?

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It has only every shown my gas usage.

I have only seen it reset/reboot once so if it is resetting it is not very often


Hi @jasondh,

If its only showing one fuel, please could you follow this link and fill in the details and follow this instructions?

This will reset your IHD overnight, and should get things working again over the next few days. Please keep us updated with how this goes.

Hi @jasondh

I can see that your meter details were duplicated in our system and I think this may be what’s been blocking the electricity readings from coming through to us.

Your reading frequency has already been changed, so we should know within the next few days whether we’re able to connect to your electricity meter at the moment. Once we know that we should be able to get your electricity usage to show on the In Home Display again.

@craigrowie It looks like good news on your account and we’re now receiving smart electricity readings again. These reads will be used to correct the overestimation of your usage and rebill your account.

When will this show in my account? Thanks


I’m having the exact same problem that my smart meter stopped sending electricity readings about a month ago (my gas readings are currently working). I have been trying to sort this for nearly a month, including multiple attempts at reconnection via the link that has been provided, as instructed by the agent on a live chat. Could you please investigate this for me as it is becoming very frustrating not knowing my usage? I have had to submit a manual meter reading for the time being, but I would really like to be able to view my price graphs again.

Many thanks!

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Hi @nicklscox

Thanks for sharing your query and welcome to Bulb Community, however I’m sorry that the cause of this issue wasn’t identified over chat for you.

I’ve requested a remote reboot of the ‘comms hub’ on top of your electricity meter. These are run by the smart network and currently take around 3-4 weeks for them to process the request and send us the results.

Please keep your In Home Display plugged in and switched on, the electricity usage should begin to show again within the next few weeks.

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Hi I have tried raising this issue with my smart meter several times and have promised it would be resolved within 48 hours. It is still only show my gas usage

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Can Bulb read my Smart meters? I’ve sent a manual readings on the 26th of November, but I don’t see any Smart reading on my account and my billing date is tomorrow. Another thing is that my ihd shows now only gas readings, no electricity. And the day, week, month chart still not showing anything.

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I am having the exact same issue with electric not showing on my IHD. The app has hardly ever worked saying it’s having trouble connecting to my meters right now. Gas wouldn’t work for ages, now gas shows on IHD but electric has disappeared. I’ve waited 2 weeks, then 3 weeks for a “reboot” but I’m still no further forward than I was when I started. They always say reply to this email but never reply back. It’s getting to the point where I’m looking at switching. They are the cheapest, but I guess you get what you pay for. I don’t mind paying more for a better service.

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I have not had an electric reading from bulb for exactly a year now. I have given up contacting them because all they do is reset remotely and tell me it will take upto 48hrs. Nothing happens. Now they want me to up my monthly payments almost another £100 even though my account is hugely in credit. I have submitted a meter reading manually and will be leaving as soon as I have done my research and have found someone I am happy with.


The IHD has packed up and stopped working, for the third time this year: 2 Jun. 10/Nov, 2 /Dec. I have had no response to my e mail of 2/12 sent to help@bulb … . I also completed the reset form in the Bulb website.

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So now I’ve been told by email it will take up to a month to reset the device.
Really; a month to press a button in some data centre somewhere? Really?
What an inadequate setup Bulb it seem to be!


Smart Meter back in action. Yayy!

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Hi @Matthew_W_at_Bulb,
I have given it nearly 2 months now before contacting again, to allow plenty of time for the smart comms hub to be rebooted.

I can confirm today that my smart meter hasn’t updated and still only displays the gas usage, not electricity.

Please could you (or a colleague) see if the remote reboot was carried out and, if so, investigate the results.

Many thanks,

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We have experienced the same problems with our BULB SMART METER.

We had a SMET2 SMART gas and electricity meter installed at my property on 27th June 2019. The electric meter is a Landis Gyr+ Type 5424 device on which is mounted a Toshiba communications hub. The gas meter is a Landis Gry+ G470 672 SMETS2 device. The In Home Display (IHD) is manufactured by Chameleon Technology (UK) Ltd.,.

The communications hub shows the SW WAN HAN and GAS lights flash GREEN every two seconds. The MESH indicator is extinguished – this is a networking methodology which allows devices to connect to multiple nodes.

The installation worked very well until about May 2020 after which it started to have some issues connecting to the IHD. Following conversations with Bulb and numerous attempts by Bulb to reset the meters via the Data Communications Company (DCC). On the 17th July 2020 the electricity meter stopped recording readings and was no longer shown on the IHD (as though the SMART facility had been disabled by Bulb) the gas meter did however continued to provide SMART readings. From this time onwards my electric meter readings which are no longer shown on the IHD, App, or my account on the Bulb website. I was advised that I should submit electric meter readings manually which rather defeated the objective of SMART metering. Bulb claimed that my problem was due to a software/firmware issue which would eventually be updated in a future update.

Over the winter being fed up with going outside in cold, wind, snow and rain to read my meters and being unable to monitor and adjust my gas/electricity usage I contacted Bulb about this issue. Following multiple attempts by Bulb to remotely reset the meter (with the usual 2-3 week waits and no contact to see if the problem had been fixed). Bulb appear to be happy to sit on the credit in my account £339.82 – I have now reduced my payments to the minimum amount possible in preparation to energy change supplier. I was most recently offered £50 compensation, presumably an attempt to prevent me referring the matter to the ombudsman. During my last discourse with Bulb was told; it’s a comms issue (despite the fact that the company are clearly receiving gas meter readings), it’s a software/firmware issue (seems unlikely to be the case), in desperation I have suggested that Bulb replace the faulty meter (their response was that I would be charged £320 to replace their faulty equipment). I have suggested that perhaps their system has the wrong IP for my meter (they have checked this and we have found that it aligns with their records). I was even told that one in twenty Bulb smart meters do not work - probably due to the SMART meter DCC which is run by SERCO (registered in Hook Hampshire), unfortunately the DCC don’t communicate with the general public (another brilliant suggestion by Bulb).

It is clear that the Bulb customer service team are either incompetent, or lying I am puzzled which. It is the responsibility of Bulb to replace faulty or broken meters without charge to the customer.

It would be welcome if you, or your team, could address these issues.

Having had these problems for a considerable period of time without resolution on the 30th March 2021 we has an electrical network problem when we lost all power for a short time. When the power was reconnected all of our smart meters and IHD started to work normally with readings being sent to the Bulb website - I assume that this was due to the equipment having a hard reset. This is different to the ‘soft resets’ performed by Bulb through the DCC. I have spoken to Bulb who confirm this. The only way that these problems can be resolved is through a visit from an engineer.

I rather suspect that other Bulb customers are having the same problem. THIS ISSUE IS NOW CLOSED.

Assuming a hard reset can resolve the issue. There must be a way to hard reset the comms hub. Any one know how to do that?

Hey @Vip :relaxed:

So the Comms Hub is a little device that connects to the Home Area Network which is run by the DCC. If it falls off the network, the way we have to reconnect it is to request it to be rebooted by the DCC to get that connection re-established.

There are a few types of connectivity issues that reboots can’t fix yet. The network operators and meter manufacturers are working on solutions to these right now and will be rolling out fixes as soon as they’re ready. There’s nothing you need to do to get the fix, it will automatically be sent out do your devices and they will start communicating on their own when possible!

— H :bulb: