Electricity Smart Meter stopped working

My Electricity Smart Meter stopped working on the 26/3/22. Gas is fine but not the Electricity. I did email in and got a stock reply saying first gen meters going over early 2021. Hmmm looking at the calendar is now April 2022.

So why has it stopped working please?

Blame covid for that :joy:
Smart meters are not all that good. The idea was good but the end result is useless. Don’t get me wrong some smart meters have a long and happy life but in general they are crap!

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I can see we are working on migrating your smart meters onto the DCC network, so this initially can take some time and there can be a period where the meters may lose connection as they work on moving over. In this period if you could kindly submit some manual meter readings in the meantime.

Originally with the first generation smart meters ( SMETS1) only the energy company who had installed this could retrieve your meter readings. As we update the details throughout the years we were eventually able to enroll your meter to the DCC network. So this means upgrading your meter and improving security .

The government has put in place a programme to move first-generation meters onto this network, giving old meters the same benefits as new meters.

The programme is underway with the first group of meters migrated in 2019, taking the readings from your total but as your meter is enrolling onto the DCC network the readings will need to be taken from register 1 instead . This is so we can amend the readings in our system so you won’t pay anymore or any less. This is just an internal change.

I’m sorry if this was not explained to you, but due to the new update we now require taking your meter readings from a different register ( reg1) instead of the total amount which you have been relaying to us.

I hope this explains your query and if you have any further questions then please let me know.

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So how come it worked as smart meter for some time and then stopped working?

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Its functionality as a smart meter will return but as stated previously there will be a period where you may have to submit your meter readings whilst we make the smart meter function like the second generation smart meter.


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